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Gary Weinreb gweinreb@rocksolidsystems.com
Tue Nov 26 15:43:44 2002

Quoting Mike Baptiste <mike@msbnetworks.net>:

> Gary,
> If I follow you correctly here - why not use the Type version feature
> instead?  So you creaet modules for the various project types (radio, CD,
> etc) and then create versions in each type for 2 min, 4min, etc.

I use the Versions data element for a "version" descriptor, to denote a "cycle",
or "time-frame" for the Project.  i.e., to describe the period of time that this
particular Project is targetted for or contains, the "run-time" for radio
productions, the week or month for tape ministries ("week of 12/02/02"), maybe
the "title" for another type of production ("American Composers").  Many of my
clients projects are cyclical in nature, doing essentially the same production
sequences over and over again, but with different "content" for different
periods of time... 
> Its not exactly what it was intended for, but it works.  We use the version
> setup for 'sub-queues' in our IT Support module.   We support about 5
> different organizations in IT here - so we created a version for each org.
> Makes reporting easier, lets us sort in the default views, etc.  Robert's
> new attribute code may have let us do it that way, but I like having it
> separated out (and it didn't exist when we started using whups).  I may have
> missed what you're trying to do - but it does seem like you're creating a
> large amount of types for what you're doing.  Plus with version, you
> inhierit the states and priorities for each project length from the main
> type.

Actually, with Version, we inherit from the Module.  The Type is set

Thanks for the suggestion, Mike. 

GaryGary Weinreb
RockSolid Systems, LLC

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