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I'm cleaning out my mailboxes; this is a little blast from the past. Might
stimulate some inspiration here. Or something. :)

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Alright, it looks like my mind is still in the design phase.  Here
are my latest thoughts:

Whups is a project management system, so, at the highest level, we
have a project.  At this point, I think it's best for whups to
support only a single project at a time (eg. the Horde Project).

Projects are composed of products.  In our case, imp, horde (core),
troll, turba, etc. are our products.  Most of what we focus on is
at the product level.

 - Versions
   - changelogs
 - Bugs
 - Feature Requests
 - Developers

Things like CVS, documentation, and FAQ's are composed of multiple

So, that's where my thinking is at the moment.  There a sort of
heirarchy there.  I guess it would be straightforward to just write
the thing, but I want to make sure it's expandable enough to apply
to projects other than Horde.

You'll note I mentioned documentation.  We're kinda lacking in that
area, and I think it would be neat to include it as part of whups.
Multiple people could contribute to or revise documentation in an
online browsable form, maybe linked back to cvs.

phplib is handling all of the session stuff / user auth stuff
nicely, so I'll just use whatever chuck comes up with for that.

Once again, I think bugs should be the first subsystem to be

I still need to work out all the database details.  I started some
of that last night.  I'm going to go pick apart some of the
existing code to support this structure, but, once again, comments
are requested.

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