[whups] Remote API?

Adam Tauno Williams adam at morrison-ind.com
Thu Jan 23 15:18:11 PST 2003

>>There was once talk of a remote API for WHUPS, where tickets could be
>>created and annoted from a source outside of horde.  Does this exist or is
>>anyone working on it?
>Whupsey (http://cvs.horde.org/cvs.php/whupsey) exists, is a C command-line
>client; I'm not sure how much functionality is there right now, but some of
>the API is definitely there, and more can be added pretty easily on request.
>What are you interested in/what do you need?

1. Mostly just to create tickets, but not from within the Horde context.  We
have a PHP based intranet site,  we'd like to collect a rather complicated set
of data, along with validating that data (validity of asset numbers, etc...) and
then create a ticket in WHUPs.  Problem resolvers would use WHUPs directly.

Also the ability to poll the status of a given ticket,  and a list of tickets
related to a specific person.

So someone could create a ticket via and external interface,  and see in a
table, the status of their currect tickets.

2. We'd like to script our network management system (OpenNMS) to create tickets
on the occurance of certain events.  The scripting is easy in OpenNMS,  but the
interface with WHUPs we know nothing about.

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