[whups] Remote API?

Adam Tauno Williams adam at morrison-ind.com
Thu Jan 23 16:44:19 PST 2003

>You have two options.
>1. Use a PHP script to do the scripting and load the Horde $registry object
>there, and make the calls that way.


>2. Use XML-RPC to make the calls from any language/platform that you like
>(as long as it speaks xml-rpc of course).

Right, we would prefer to do it this way, as it makes a nice clean division. 
But I'm a little unclear as to what URL I call the XML-RPC server on. I assume
one of the PHP files in HEAD is the XML-RPC server file? Can I point an
introspection at something and see the expressed methods?

>Either way, some of the apis you want are certainly there (create ticket,
>search tickets), and some will probably have to be added - just let us know.


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