[whups] Re: Whups Links (Patch)

Jeroen Huinink j.huinink at wanadoo.nl
Wed Mar 5 08:05:01 PST 2003

"Chuck Hagenbuch" <chuck at horde.org> wrote:
> Quoting j.huinink at wanadoo.nl:
> > The following patch implements linking from whups (into Turba!). There
> > no linking into whups yet.
> Overall, *nice*! I have this working well and the possiblities are pretty
> fun to imagine. :) It's committed.

What I did now was I allowed the ability to link into tickets. I could
however also imagine that it would be usefull to link into modules (clients)
or even versions (e.g. documentation stored in Gollem).

This would need some extension to the Link class because at the moment you
can only link into an application in one specific way (that's what the
to_application parameter is for). We either need an extra parameter to
specify the application's object type we want to link into or extend the
to_application parameter with an object type e.g. "projects/module",

This last method seems nice because we would not need to bother application
that only have one object type.

1. Do we want/need this?
2. If so, any preference on how to handle multiple application object types
in Links?


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