[whups] Mybugs and summary don't work

Ahmed ashihab at alcahest.com
Mon Jun 30 03:15:22 PDT 2003

Hi all,

I've just updated horde+friends to latest CVS this morning 30/6 9:GMT and it
would seem that the whups summary page is broken. it lists a single line
with the word "Object" instead if the usual tickets list.

Also, when going to whups MyBugs page I get two errors at the top of the

There was an error listing your assigned tickets: DB Error: no such table
There was an error listing your open requests: DB Error: no such table

however, all the tickets seem to be there and are working ok when using the
search facility.

I've checked there are no errors in either apache (1.3.27) logs or the horde
logs. If I enable _DEBUG logging the whole of the horde framework grinds to
a halt such that I can't get past the login screen.

I've added the 2 fields to the whups_logs table already before this problem
appeared. And accessing the same database from a CVS snapshot from 2 weeks
ago works fine.

Any ideas?

BTW: the search delete facility is great, thanks.


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