[whups] Re: [hermes] Making clients

Bo Daley bo at tilda.com.au
Wed Jul 16 19:23:11 PDT 2003

Quoting "Jason M. Felice" <jfelice at cronosys.com>:

> On Wed, Jul 16, 2003 at 06:59:01PM +1000, Bo Daley wrote:
> > does this make any sense? comments? etc?
> Here's my comments on the patch:
> * Why the 'list' API in whups?  You can get pretty much the same thing with
>   'search' with the $names arg set to array('').

Yep I agree that it would be better done without any change to the Turba API
(given that the 'search' method already effectively provides the list function
anyway. I did try that initially but got a bit lost along the way. I'll have
another go at it now.

> * Never mind about the deleteLink() issue, I had my links driver set to
>   none.  I've submitted a patch to provide a deleteLink() stub for the
>   'none' driver, and set up the sql driver.

cool -- thanks for finding that one.

> * Coding standard: use "One True Brace", e.g.:
> function foo()
> {

oops. looks like it's back to CODING_STANDARDS school for me ;)

more soon.


Bo Daley
Tilda Communications
bo at tilda.com.au

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