[whups] linking clients to tickets

Bo Daley bo at tilda.com.au
Mon Jul 28 22:58:36 PDT 2003

hi all,

this patch extends the client/module links that were added last week so that
tickets can also have clients. this achieves more or less the same thing as the
'Add Client' links at the bottom of the Ticket Details page, but brings it up
into the ticket creation process and restricts the clients to only those that
are already attached to the specified module.

(in fact it might be worth removing the 'client' link stuff from registry.php if
this is going to replace that code).

In a couple of places I did make the assumption that tickets would only have one
client -- does that make sense to people? (I don't imagine it would be too
difficult to allow multiple clients if anyone thinks that's worth building in).



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