[whups] Client Links with Modules

Mike Bydalek mbydalek at zivix.com
Sun Nov 23 01:07:57 PST 2003


My question is in regards to how the Client list is generated for created
modules.  Background: I have 3 SQL sources in Turba configured with "Contacts"
being the first listed and "Companies" just under that.

The problem is, if I go ahead and edit a Module and add some clients to
associate with the Module, I get the "Added a client link to soanso" for each
client I chose.  Then, when I goto create a Ticket for that Module, I get the
"There are no clients associated with this module."

In digging around, I found that the query "[debug] [whups] SQL Query by
Category_sql::getCategoriesByAttributes():" returns an empty set because a4.
and a5.attribute_name doesn't equal a1.attribute_name.  In turn, the turba
query bombs because there's a null value for the "WHERE object_id IN ()" part
of the query.

Is there a bug here, or is somehow the data being stored incorrectly due to my
ignorance in the 'horde_category_attributes' table?  Additionally, the
'attribute_name' field for a1-3 is "link_params", but a4 and a5 are each

I'm obviously using SQL for the categories and everything else.  I guess what
I'm really looking for is to see if it's a bug in the code, or a "me" error
(might have missed a config setting?)

Appreciate your time,
Mike B.

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