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Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Tue Jan 27 06:47:37 PST 2004

I currently have no time to look into it, so someone else might fix this.

The solution is to convert the user input from the charset of the UI to the
charset as configured in the driver configuration. The same applies in the
reverse direction when showing data from the driver backend to the user.

You can take any other application that saves user input into a db backend
as an example.

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I'm back with my problem getting Horde, Turba and Whups (HEAD) work in
Throubles I got several weeks ago still remain (as described below).
I did a new fresh install of my system : RedHat 9 (incl. Apache / PHP), PHP
rpms for RH9 (from Horde FTP)

Horde is set for fr_FR language, ISO-8859-1 is set for DB connections.

Here is a shot description of my troubles, I hope someone can help me !!!

I'm talking about french content. French strings are displayed properly but
french content looks like UTF-8 encoded but seems to be badly decoded for
display so that weird character (like chinese) appear and javascript errors
occur as soon as data manipulated by these scripts contain accents !
For example, i create a type named "Nouvelle fonctionnalité" within whups.
As soon as I click OK button, the following stage 1 summary is displayed :
      Nom du type : Nouvelle fonctionnalit?td>
and the following is diplayed in stage 2
      Nom du type : Nouvelle fonctionnalit?id=

If I look in the database (MySQL), here is what is stored in the whups_type
table "Nouvelle fonctionnalité"

My setup is set to french latin1 and the output of the locale command is

So, maybe the problem begins here...

Hope that it helps !


Damien Harper

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