[whups] Configure link whups turba

Robert BARTHEE r.barthee at auranext.com
Wed May 12 10:19:11 PDT 2004


My server is running php 4.3.3 with horde 3.0 cvs, turba 2.0 cvs, whups
1.0 cvs, nag 2.0 cvs. J configure one local address book in a postgresql
database with some contacts. J create one queue, types, subjects, states
and priorities. When j select create.php, j get following messages : 
- "Undefined index in .../whups/lib/Whups.php in line 567" 
- "Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in .../whups.php in line 572"

"J can't create any tickets in my queue because there are no clients
associated with this queue." 
My conf.php in /turba/config/conf.php defines
$conf['client']['addressbook'] = 'My_addressbook_sql' 
J look for faq, install doc, mailing list and j have no more idea ... 
Can you tell me what j forget ! Sorry for my bad english !


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