[whups] Whups missing files + other problems (CVS-HEAD)

Ahmed ashihab at alcahest.com
Mon Jul 5 06:39:59 PDT 2004


I've been trying to create a whups instance for an issue tracking site and
have come across a few issues, here the first of the crop:

1. the files whups/ticket/people.php and whups/ticket/type.php are missing.
   we get a 404 when clicking the "people" and "set type" tabs from
   the ticket/update.php view.

   not a big problem for me but it would be nice to have them there.

2. there are some issues with updating the status of the ticket, ie they get

3. creating tickets appears to have problems as well as creating queues
   and types

I haven't started debugging 2 and 3 yet and I'll update this thread when/if
I get anywhere in tracing the faults.

BTW: CVS clean checkout this morning with cleans DBs on remote mysql. I know
my php is ok, since I have another full horde implementation running
imp+friends flawlessly.


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