[whups] Ticket creation through email

Stuart K. Bingë list at codefusion.co.za
Mon Aug 16 07:03:54 PDT 2004

Hello all,

I've been trying to find out whether it's possible for tickets to be created 
automatically based on incoming email messages, for example if being used in 
the case of a support mailbox. For example, a client submits a support 
request via email, which is automatically added to a specific queue as a new 
pending ticket.

From the investigation I've done so far it doesn't look as though this is 
something that is possible. If it is possible, is their some sort of 
documentation available that details how to set this all up? If it is not 
possible, however, then are there any plans to add this feature at some point 
in the future?

On a similar note, I'm a bit confused as to the meaning of the pref that reads 
"Can users reply to ticket emails? If you entered an email address above, and 
have configured it to accept ticket email, enable this. Otherwise, or if 
you're not sure, leave it disabled.", which appears under the Email Settings 
tab of the Whups config.  How exactly do you "configure [a mailbox] to accept 
ticket email"?

Does this preference mean that on a ticket update when a notification mail is 
sent out to an interested user, the user is able to reply to the notification 
email and have their reply show up as a comment in the ticket? Or does it 
rather mean that the user who receives the notification mail is only able to 
reply to the user who updated the ticket (i.e. the "From" address within the 


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