[whups] Where's Whups?

Eduardo Elgueta eelgueta at navix.cl
Thu Sep 9 11:10:23 PDT 2004

Chuck Hagenbuch wrote:

> Quoting Eduardo Elgueta <eelgueta at navix.cl>:
>> The ftp directory is empty.
> Right. There aren't any tarball releases.
>> I downloaded from CVS, but this versions has serious problems (hardcoded
>> paths)
> Huh?

Sorry, upon a closer look, I see it's looking for the config.php file 
(which is not present). I see it's looking for a lib/Test.php file 
(isn't there either).

>> and a strange config file (config.xml instead of config.php).
> Please, please, try reading the INSTALL documentation.

 From docs/INSTALL:

   cd /usr/local/apache/htdocs/horde
   tar zxvf /path/to/whups-1.0.tar.gz
   mv whups-1.0 whups


You must then login to Horde as a Horde Administrator to finish the
   configuration of Whups....

How do I do that? I'm using imap authentication, so I have no such a user!

>> Can anybody please tell me where to get a regular .gz file?
> http://snaps.horde.org/
> -chuck
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