[whups] No list of clients

Joaquim Homrighausen joho at webbplatsen.se
Mon Sep 13 12:35:04 PDT 2004

[ HEAD20040913 ]

I'm trying to get Whups up and running, and used for everyday work (no better
way to test it, IMHO). Every time I sit down and think "THIS time, I'll get it
working", I run into some problem or other.

This time, I cannot seem to get a list of clients. And even if I enable the
checkbox with "any client", which allows me to save the queue, I cannot add
tickets, because Whups can't find any clients.

Clients is set to "localwps", which is a definition that exists in Turba (same
HEAD revision, the whole installation is). The addressbook is reachable,
browseable, editable, etc. through Turba. I'm logged on with a horde admin
user, and am also set-up as the admin for the "localwps" source in Turba.

What am I doing wrong?


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