[whups] Clients

Chuck Hagenbuch chuck at horde.org
Wed Oct 13 19:38:03 PDT 2004

Quoting Bo Daley <bo at darkwork.net>:

> Then again for simplicity it's probably easier to attach clients to
> tickets instead of queues. (the current code attempts to do both). I'd be
> happy with the idea of ditching the queue->client relationships. There are
> other ways to categorise tickets in Whups.

Okay, this sounds like a plan.

>> - Or does this really need to be in the core of Whups? If so, I say 
>> forget about relationshipmanager and add a db field for client_id.
> That would make searches on clients much faster in Whups (no more having
> to filter results from the DataTree), but enough people seem to be using
> Whups without clients to warrant keeping this out of the core if
> possible...

I think we need sort of a hybrid solution, having it in whups but linked to
Turba. I'll say more replying to Jason's mail.

> I'd agree that there should be a field available for entering time on the
> ticket comment form -- that way, any time anyone adds something to the
> ticket (even just a simple comment) they can enter how much time was spent
> on it. I guess the ideal place for this data is Hermes, so there'd need
> to be a means of linking a comment to a hermes timeslice.
> The ticket page could then query hermes to keep a running total indicating
> how much time's gone into it. Whups could even provide reports on average
> time spent on tickets.

Same thing here, I think - stored in/part of Whups but linked to Hermes.


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