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Ivan Alejandro Zilic Schmidt - MainNetworks Ltda. ivan.zilic at mainnetworks.net
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The sponsoring idea is great. Ill take a look to the rules and learn how to do

Im sorry i wasnt very specific. "everything" sounds too much like a "user".

What i see measured in days is in the hisotry of tickets, and all the reports
and stats. And thats what i would like to see measured in  hours.


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> Quoting "Ivan Alejandro Zilic Schmidt - MainNetworks Ltda."
> <ivan.zilic at mainnetworks.net>:
>> Hi, i just installed whups from CVS, its really great, i plan to use it in a
>> help desk, and i would like to see everithyng where time is involved 
>> measured
>> in hours and not days, is there anyway to do this (besides changing 
>> the code of course, im not a php programmer)
> Well, be a bit more specific than "everything", and, if you can't 
> submit code,
> submit an enhancement ticket on bugs.horde.org. If you really want 
> it, sponsor
> a bounty (http://horde.org/bounties/).
> -chuck
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