[whups] reports not working

Ivan Alejandro Zilic Schmidt - MainNetworks Ltda. ivan.zilic at mainnetworks.net
Thu Jan 6 12:36:32 PST 2005

Im sorry about that report, really sorry.

The problem is when clicking on any of the reports, the pop up comes out, but
its empty, the code for the pop up is "<html><body></body></html>"

this is the link clicked https://myweb/horden/whups/reports.php

best regards,

Ivan Alejandro Žilić Schmidt
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ivan.zilic at mainnetworks.net
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> Quoting "Ivan Alejandro Zilic Schmidt - MainNetworks Ltda."
> <ivan.zilic at mainnetworks.net>:
>> after updating horde to 3.0.1 reports in whups dont work any more.
> "don't work anymore" is really not a useful bug report.
> -chuck
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