[whups] reports not working

Ivan Alejandro Zilic Schmidt - MainNetworks Ltda. ivan.zilic at mainnetworks.net
Thu Jan 6 14:36:10 PST 2005

not yet. I know im not saying too much with my report, i really didnt have the
time to look more deeply.

but as soon as i have some time, be sure ill do it.

Best regards

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> Quoting "Ivan Alejandro Zilic Schmidt - MainNetworks Ltda."
> <ivan.zilic at mainnetworks.net>:
>> The problem is when clicking on any of the reports, the pop up comes 
>> out, but
>> its empty, the code for the pop up is "<html><body></body></html>"
> And have you tried looking for segfaults or fatal php errors?
> -chuck
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