[whups] Requester change

'Auke Bruinsma' air2 at dds.nl
Wed Mar 23 07:18:56 PST 2005



Well we are implementing whups as our ticketing system. But it does not yet
fully accomplish to our requirements. So last week I changed some things in
whups and supply those implementations as patches.


The next thing we want is to change the requester of an ticket or to fill in
a requester when a ticket is created. Why would we like that, you may
wonder. Well when one of our support employees got phone call he/she has to
create a ticket, with the e-mail of the person who is making the phone call.
Now the person who phoned us can track his ticket, by the ticket messages
he/she receive and our support team can easily see, who did which request.

Also, when someone did a request, but from the wrong e-mail, or for whatever
other reason we would like to be able to change the requester. 


Is someone already busy to implement this?

If not, I will implement this features some where this or next month.


Should I also make a feature request for this?

I am still a little confused, when to use the mailing list and when to use
http://bugs.horde.org <http://bugs.horde.org/> .




Auke Bruinsma

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