[whups] Add Responsible Users to Queue

Robin Rainton robin at rainton.com
Fri Apr 22 02:40:11 PDT 2005

Hi All,

I'm sure this is a config problem but searched the list and web so appoligies if
it's dumb.

The following is my setup:

- Horde 3.0.2
- IMP 4.0.1 (Cyrus backend, SASL auth)
- Whups from CVS
- Other modules that may/may not be relevant here

So I have IMP (using Cyrus) do all the authentication, and this is working fine.

I was wanting to get Whups working though to keep track of jobs. [ Although I
notice Hermes is coming along nicely and perhaps it's Deliverables model might
be better? ]

Anyhow, create a queue, create a type, join them in the queue/type matrix -
easy. In the queue settings though, when I try and 'Edit the users responsible
for this queue' An error appears under the 'Add Users' part. Now, this is
weird... 'cos I have a dev and live box, and on my dev box it says:

"There was an error listing users: Certificate failure for localhost: self
signed certificate..."

And on my live box it says:

"There was an error listing users: Can not authenticate to IMAP server:
authentication failure"...

... and there's a whole load of IMAP login failure messages. This is weird, I'm
logged in as a real (SASL) user otherwise couldn't see my mail or anything. I
copied the Horde DB from live to prod so can't figure out why the errors

If anyone can shead light on the problem it would be much appreciated.



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