[whups] Integrating Horde's Problem report with WHUPS

Kevin Myer kevin_myer at iu13.org
Wed May 4 12:39:06 PDT 2005

Has anyone done this?  Have the problem report invoke whups, instead of the
default Problem form?

We are running a beta test of the Horde framework and for the first group, we
just used an email alias that went to a shared IMAP folder, and relied on the
IMAP ANSWERED flag and BCCs to know if someone had taken care of the issue and
what the resulting response was.  It worked sort of ok but the ability to track
Bugs and Enhancement requests for the second beta group would be great, as well
as see comments made by someone else.

We already have a separate full-blown ticket system here, but I'm looking at
whups as providing a convenient way to organize feedback from our second beta


Kevin M. Myer
Senior Systems Administrator
Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13  http://www.iu13.org

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