[whups] Where to get details on the permissions system

Todd Merritt tmerritt at email.arizona.edu
Mon Jan 9 04:53:12 PST 2006

Chuck Hagenbuch wrote:

>Quoting Barry Flanagan <barryf-lists at flanagan.ie>:
>>Is there any documentation on how to set up permissions as they apply to
>>My needs are simple: I want authenticated users to be able to submit
>>tickets in a number of queues, and to read/update their own, but not to
>>have access to other users' tickets.
>I don't _think_ this is really possible with the current state of  
>Whups, but I agree that it _should_ be. It seems like there are two  
>components to solving this:
>- use "object creator" permissions so creators of tickets have  
>different perms than other user who'd otherwise have the same rights  
>to the queue
2005-05-12 09:17  chuck

        * docs/CHANGES, lib/Whups.php, lib/Driver/sql.php: [cjh] Honor
        creator permissions on tickets (tmerritt at email.arizona.edu, Bug

I'm pretty sure this is the way things work today with HEAD, unless I'm 
using a patched version and I never submitted the rest of my patches.


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