[whups] Auto-Submitted field in the email

Auke Bruinsma air2 at dds.nl
Fri Feb 3 01:11:04 PST 2006

I use the mail-filter script to automaticly scrape my e-mail box and 
change them in to tickets.
When someone sends an e-mail with an not existing reply address the 
mail-daemon sends an e-mail to notify of the unknown address. So a new 
ticket is created and send to mailer-daemon, but at this specific server 
the mailer-daemon is a non-existing address so this results in an 
endless loop.

To avoid this loops and to confirm more to the used mailing standards it 
should be prefereable to make some preference which makes it possible to 
don't send any reply when an e-mail is received with the auto-submitted 
header set to an other value as no. Also to include the auto-submitted 
header in the mails send by whups. If it is desirable I will open a new 
bugticket and attach some patch to it.


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