[whups] Linking tickets

Auke Bruinsma air2 at dds.nl
Mon Feb 6 01:56:32 PST 2006

When the ticketed system is automated, people are gone reply on tickets. 
It would be handy when those reply's get automaticly added to the 
apropiate ticket. But as with all automated systems the wrong ticket can 
be chosen (cuz for example some user changed the header to anoy the 
support desk). This can be very annoying. So it should be, imho, handy 
to add a new field to the ticket: Reply At (or more genral: Related To). 
Which would be filled with the number of the ticket(s) it is related, a 
reply at.

This kind of system could easily be extended to merge those tickets with 
some kind of action into one ticket.

I know about the text linking, but for our use thats not good enough, 
merging tickets should be much more handier, but currently thats not 
possible. To provide a better base that can be extended to support 
merging I sugest the above changes.

Any idea's about this?


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