[whups] Time and date formats in Whups

Joaquim Homrighausen joho at webbplatsen.se
Wed Feb 15 14:33:05 PST 2006

In prefs.php (WHUPS-HEAD20060215).. one finds:

$_prefs['report_time_format'] = array(
     'value' => '%m/%d/%y',
     'locked' => false,
     'shared' => false,
     'type' => 'enum',
     'enum' => array('%a %d %B' => _("Weekday Day Month"),
                     '%c' => _("Weekday Day Month HH:MM:SS TZ"),
                     '%m/%d/%y' => _("MM/DD/YY"),
                     '%m/%d/%y %H:%M:%S' => _("MM/DD/YY HH:MM:SS")),
     'desc' => _("Date/Time format for search results")

Is there a reason this isn't pulled from Horde prefs/locale.. ?


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