[whups] horde_form variables as attributes.

Beppe horde.whups at beep.fdns.net
Fri Nov 10 06:32:09 PST 2006

Hi Chuck Hagenbuch,

I saw this in whups / lib / Driver.php :: Version 1.159 :: Log Message

> add support for full horde_form variables,
> move hook checking into generic functions in Driver.php,
> should help a transition to complex attributes with whups itself

Does this mean that Christmas Eve come early this year?
will we be able to use "int, text, boolean, creditcard, cellphone,  
client, date, dblookup, description, email, enum, file, header,  
hourMinuteSecond, html, image, intList, ipaddress, link, longText,  
matrix, mlenum, monthDayYear, monthYear, multienum, number, obrowser,  
octal, password, radio, set, time" in attributes?

Many thanks,

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