[whups] Trying to use whups for Horde problem reports

Lars Stavholm stava at telcotec.se
Wed Dec 27 13:29:16 PST 2006

Quoting Chuck Hagenbuch <chuck at horde.org>:

> Quoting Lars Stavholm <stava at telcotec.se>:
>>> Turn horde logging up to debug level and log the query that whups is
>>> running when searching, to see what's going on.
>> Thanks, Chuck, that proved to be fruitful.
>> The only anomaly I found was the follwing:
>> rde/whups/lib/Driver/sql.php"]
>> SQL Query by Whups_Driver_sql::saveSearch(): INSERT INTO
>> whups_users_searches (user_uid, search_name, search_getvars) VALUES (?,
>> ?, ?) [on line 1593 of "/opt/horde/whups/lib/Driver/sql.php"]
>> DB Error: DB backend not capable: INSERT INTO whups_users_searches
>> (user_uid, search_name, search_getvars) VALUES ('root', 'Queue: addons,
>> Category: Unconfirmed, New, Assigned, Type: Any, Summary: ',
>> 'category%5B%5D=assigned&amp;category[]=new&amp;category[]=unconfirmed&amp;queue=1')
>> [DB Error: DB backend not capable] [on line 1604 of
>> "/opt/horde/whups/lib/Driver/sql.php"]
>> So, I guess that means that the search query fails,
> If you look, that query is _saving_ a search, not performing one.
> What database are you using?


>> Question:
>> What's the normal procedure in the horde world
>> in these cases? I'm running off of CVS (2006-12-19).
>> Should I just upgrade to latest and hope for the best?
> If you are running a CVS checkout you should ALWAYS update before
> reporting anything.

Ok, I hear you, will do.

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