[announce] Horde 3.0-RC1

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Wed Nov 17 08:09:43 PST 2004

The Horde Team is pleased to announce the first release candidate of the Horde
Application Framework Version 3.0.

The Horde Application Framework is a modular, general-purpose web application
framework written in PHP.  It provides an extensive array of classes that are
targeted at the common problems and tasks involved in developing modern web

This is a preview version that should not be used on production systems.  This
version is considered feature and API complete and should only contain few
bugs.  You should not use this preview version over existing production data.

We encourage widespread testing and feedback via the mailing lists or our bug
tracking system.  Updated translations are very welcome.

The major changes compared to the Horde 3.0-BETA version are:
    * Autodetect exact version of IE (5.0+) on login and turn off compression
      only for buggy versions.
    * Use an IE behavior for handling alpha transparency with PNG images
      instead of an onload handler.
    * Render all menus as <ul> tags, formatted with CSS.
    * Add a file selection field to the Form library that uses the files API.
    * Updated installation instructions and todo list.

Known issues:
    * If inserting invalid data in a tabbed form (e.g. the configuration
      interface), the tab with the errors is not selected.

The full list of changes (from version 3.0-BETA) can be viewed here:


The Horde 3.0-RC1 distribution is available from the following locations:


Or, for quicker access, download from your nearest mirror:


MD5 sums for the packages are as follows:

    6cd570c8ff1671844c87c0130c134a53  horde-3.0-rc1.tar.gz

Have fun!

The Horde Team.

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