[announce] IMP H5 (6.2.0) (final)

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Tue Jul 8 16:07:34 UTC 2014

The Horde Team is pleased to announce the final release of the Internet Mail
Program (IMP) version H5 (6.2.0).

IMP, the Internet Mail Program, is one of the most popular and widely deployed
open source webmail applications in the world. It allows universal, web-based
access to IMAP and POP3 mail servers and provides dynamic, mobile, basic, and
minimal interfaces with a rich range of features normally found only  
in desktop
email clients. For more information on IMP, visit

For upgrading instructions, please see

For detailed installation and configuration instructions, please see

The major changes compared to IMP version H5 (6.2.0RC1) are:
     * Fixed fatal error when printing empty HTML attachments.

The major changes compared to IMP H5 (6.1) versions are:
     * Added access to remote email accounts.
     * Added signatures to compose view.
     * Added images to HTML signatures.
     * Added ability to create filter rules from messages.
     * Improved contact information menu.
     * Display web notifications for new mail.
     * Display unread message count in browser icon.
     * Display message flags in smartphone view.
     * Display recurrencies in iTip messages.
     * Added body size limit for sending messages.
     * LMTP servers are now supported for sending mail.
     * Allow dragging of text to HTML compose body.
     * Many performance, memory usage, and other improvements.

The full list of changes can be viewed here:


Have fun!

The Horde Team.

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