[bugs] [Bug 1058] Changed - RedHat 7.3 Unable To Install horde-2.1 imp-3.1 CRITICAL

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Mon, 30 Sep 2002 01:23:28 -0300


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+ ------- Additional Comments From mike@graftonhall.co.nz  09/30/02 01:23 -------
+ The only reason I 'relied' on non Redhat RPMS is that I prefer not to run older
+ versions of software when there are newer versions availalbe. If Redhat would
+ keep up with PHP versions and offer the fleaxability I need for other PHP
+ applications I run then I would have used them.
+ This is not to say that Horde will not work with the Redhat ones.
+ The reason that no one has stepped forward is that very few users read the bug
+ reports or subscribe to the bugs mailing list. If you join one of the horde
+ mailing lists (http://www.horde.org/mail/) and look through the archives you'll
+ find that people are running with the standard RPMS.
+ If you can not log in with the sql driver then you have configured it wrong
+ somewhere. Check the list archives as this driver has been discussed a number of
+ times.
+ As this is not a bug with Horde or Imp but a configuration issue at your end I
+ suggest you that this to the mailing lists where users with your configuration
+ will see your question.