[bugs] weird problem

Lucas plz3 at aconectarse.com
Mon Feb 2 09:21:24 PST 2004

hi everybody,
        i have compiled php and apache.(Look data below).

        i have some weird problems when i sort de messages... the problem is 
nothing happens... 

        When i select "do not show messages in trash", the last message on the 
dissapears... and the messages in trash are still presented... 

Sorry about my english, and if you can give me posible solutions, i will be 


------ TEST.PHP---------
Horde Versions

Horde: 2.2.3
IMP: 3.2.1 (run IMP tests)
Turba: 1.2
Kronolith: 1.1
Mnemo: 1.1
Nag: 1.1

PHP Version

View phpinfo() screen
PHP Version: 4.3.1
PHP Major Version: 4.3
PHP Minor Version: 1
PHP Version Classification: release
You are running a supported version of PHP.

PHP Module Capabilities

DOM XML Support: Yes
FTP Support: Yes
Gettext Support: Yes
IMAP Support: Yes
LDAP Support: Yes
MCAL Support: Yes
Mcrypt Support: Yes
MySQL Support: Yes
PostgreSQL Support: Yes
XML Support: Yes

Miscellaneous PHP Settings

magic_quotes_runtime disabled: Yes
file_uploads enabled: Yes
safe_mode disabled: Yes
trans_sid disabled: Yes

PHP Sessions

Session counter: 1
To unregister the session: click here


PEAR - Yes
Recent PEAR - Yes
Mail - Yes
Log - Yes
DB - Yes
Net_Socket - Yes
Date - Yes
HTML_Common/HTML_Select - Yes

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