[bugs] Session Bug on PHP 4.1 HORDE 2.4

Brian Kerhin brian at byteharmony.com
Tue Feb 3 10:56:16 PST 2004

I've got a globalservers.com account which runs a RH 7.1 core with PHP 4.1 and the ZEND engine.

I've got sessions running in on PHP with the file based system.

If I copy configs EXACTLY 

Horde 2.3 works fine.
Horde 2.4 fails.

NOTE: This ONLY happens in IE. Mozilla/Firebird works FINE! IE 6.0.28 w/ W2k SP 4... current windows updates and such.

My failure:
After I enter my user name and password the screen refreshes but comes back to the login screen. No error message :(.
Logs show IMAP log in successful
No other debug info, switch back to 2.3, works fine (but the logs in 2.3 don't :).

Any idea on why sessions fail?

I'd be willing to us SQL session but I don't want to login 2 times once for horde, once for IMP, heard that was patched for IMP 3.2 and up, but it doesn't work on my IMP 3.2.2??

All of this is from source.

Any help appreciated :)

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