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Wed Sep 1 13:10:41 PDT 2004


Ticket URL: http://bugs.horde.org/ticket/?id=530
 Ticket     | 530
 Created By | hudson at npa.net
 Summary    | blacklisting
 Queue      | Horde Base
 Version    | RELENG_2
 State      | Unconfirmed
 Priority   | 2. Medium
 Type       | Bug
 Owners     | 

hudson at npa.net (2004-09-01 13:10) wrote:

I am a user and have hosting with IX Web Hosting. They use Horde, I am not
sure which version. I have the following issues. IX does not seem to be able
to provide any support, they passed me on to here. I don't know why they run
product they can't support but...
Example issues.

1. I had 324 new messages, mostly spam. 
 I selected one from inbox and clicked blacklist. The blacklist appered. I
clicked "apply all rules" All the 324 messaged became gray. I undeleted 10
from the inbox I wanted off the blacklist. Then I purged deleted and was
left with 223 entries on the blacklist. Where did the other 100 (approx)
entries go? 

2.I also am selecting entries from the blacklist I don't want to be on it
and am checking their button and clicking delete but they remain on the
black list. 

3. The bottons that are suposssed to delete entries from the blacklist need
to be renamed to something like "remove from blacklist" rather than "delete"
Delete seem to indicate the message will be deleted.

4. Intermittently some mail selected as blacklisted are not moved to trash
position after apply all rules while other not selected for blacklisting

5. Duplicates are being created on the blacklist which seems to be a bad

6. Blacklisted addresses keep coming a valid mail.

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