[Tickets #657] HTML editing broken if services/editor not a subdirectory of Horde webroot

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Fri Oct 8 15:52:31 PDT 2004


Ticket URL: http://bugs.horde.org/ticket/?id=657
 Ticket     | 657
 Updated By | kyrian at ore.org
 Summary    | HTML editing broken if services/editor not a subdirectory of Horde webroot
 Queue      | IMP
 Version    | 4.0-ALPHA
 State      | Assigned
 Priority   | 1. Low
 Type       | Bug
 Owners     | Chuck Hagenbuch

kyrian at ore.org (2004-10-08 15:52) wrote:

> So, am I correct in thinking that you want to be able to relocate the
> services/ directory independantly of horde/?

> I'm sorry, I'm having a hard
> time figuring out what exactly you want to be able to put where, and what
> *is* in the webroot still (aside from graphics) - things like css.php and
> javascript.php have to be, right? Etc.

Okay, I can understand the confusion 100% here, lets get that straight. This
project (the client's CMS, and integrating up-to-date Horde) has done my
head in more times than I'd care to mention, so of course I am well aware of
the confusion here...

Apache filesystem webroot is: /webroot/
Apache HTTP webroot is: http://myhost/

CMS filesystem root is: /webroot/
CMS HTTP webroot is: http://myhost/cms/

Horde is installed in, say, filesystems /webroot/, so for the htmlarea
editor, it's:

Filesystem: /webroot/horde/services/editor/htmlarea/
Inside CMS: http://myhost/cms/horde/services/editor/htmlarea/
Outside CMS: http://myhost/horde/services/editor/htmlarea/

Now, it's not very clever (tm) to force the htmlarea.js script to go through
the extra overhead of the CMS when there's no need to, so I would like to be
able to access (without Apache aliasing) the htmlarea editor via:

(without involving the CMS)

Instead of:

(which involves the CMS overhead)

I can do this with images by just copying the graphics directories into the
URL path http://myhost/horde/graphics/ and the same for the respective
application's 'graphics' directories, adjusting the path accordingly, and
adjusting the 'graphics' portion of horde's registry.php, of course.

However with the /services/editor/htmlarea there is no such option in
registry.php, nor anywhere else, and this is further confused (*) by the
intermittent use of javascript.php (varying calls to addScripting() or
whatever the function is called), so I'd like the /services/editor/htmlarea
to be adjustable in a similar way to the /graphics/ directories in order to
aid integration into CMS systems.

The idea being that, whether or not
http://myhost/cms/services/editor/htmlarea (within CMS) and
http://myhost/services/editor/htmlarea (outside CMS) share the same
filesystem path, or not, the ability to configure which of the two is used
should be there, as different CMS systems have different requirements in
that respect. The one I'm working on requires the ability to Horde to be
outside the filesystem webroot, whereas others require, or at least allow
horde to be in the filesystem webroot.


*) lib/Horde/Editor/htmlarea.php, lines 28 & 29, what's that about?

PS. The /cms/ addition for in-CMS URL's could use PATH_INFO to rewrite the
filesystem path well out of the standard webroot! So if you set the
'webroot' registry parameter for something, you can't rely on the CMS
translation being there to make it work, or the non-CMS version being in the
actual webroot, hence some extra config is needed to make the process easier
without resorting to Apache aliases, thereby complicating the Horde install
process in such cases.

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