[Tickets #657] HTML editing broken if services/editor not a subdirectory of Horde webroot

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Fri Oct 8 16:07:37 PDT 2004


Ticket URL: http://bugs.horde.org/ticket/?id=657
 Ticket     | 657
 Updated By | kyrian at ore.org
 Summary    | HTML editing broken if services/editor not a subdirectory of Horde webroot
 Queue      | IMP
 Version    | 4.0-ALPHA
 State      | Assigned
 Priority   | 1. Low
 Type       | Bug
 Owners     | Chuck Hagenbuch

kyrian at ore.org (2004-10-08 16:07) wrote:

> I'm sorry, I'm having a hard
> time figuring out what exactly you want to be able to put where, and what
> *is* in the webroot still (aside from graphics) - things like css.php and
> javascript.php have to be, right? Etc.
Ahh... Here's something I forgot.

For certain values of "CMS system", you have to add in each individual page
that you want to run through the CMS in, css.php, and javascript.php have
been added in, as they are PHP files, and can easily be included in the
(PHP) CMS (although without top, left, right, bottom borders), which kind of
makes sense, but to invoke the PHP CMS for non-PHP files, such as .js, .gif,
.jpg (especially when they are isolated in their own directory), doesn't
make sense (overheads etc), hence I'm asking for configuration options for
them to be able to be elsewhere in the web/filesystem tree.

In the circumstance I'm working on, none of Horde is inside the apache
webroot, but some of it (the non-library .php files) is inside the "cms
webroot" (sometimes outside the apache webroot, but world-visible through
the CMS), by virtue of the CMS's own translation, although copies of the
graphics have been taken from the horde system  and put into the apache
webroot, so they can be accessed directly by apache without CMS

However, it is my perception due to the prior bug comment, that the
/services/editor/htmlarea/ stuff cannot currently be moved from the current
horde root into the apache webroot (therefore accessible without invoking
the CMS), because the rest of horde is not there, and there is no
configuration directive to do so, as well as inconsistencies(?) in the code
about how the directory they are in is referenced (which make it difficult
for me to come up with a patch of my own). That's the problem.


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