[Tickets #3032] WebDAV / iCal plugin voor kronolith

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Fri Nov 25 02:16:20 PST 2005


Ticket URL: http://bugs.horde.org/ticket/?id=3032
 Ticket             | 3032
 Updated By         | Jan Schneider <jan at horde.org>
 Summary            | WebDAV / iCal plugin voor kronolith
 Queue              | Kronolith
 Version            | HEAD
 State              | Feedback
 Priority           | 1. Low
 Type               | Enhancement
 Owners             | 

Jan Schneider <jan at horde.org> (2005-11-25 02:16) wrote:

> I saw that GET is already implemented, however, it just gives empty 
> files if I download a calendar event.

Hm, works fine here. Did you try with Horde from HEAD?

> On the second issue: iCal over WebDAV works very simple, with a GET 
> you retrieve a single iCal file which represents the entire calendar. 
> With a PUT you upload the same sort of file. There is no really 
> advanced handling of single events e.d. That is the reason I would 
> then like to change the behaviour of the kronolith webdav browser, so 
> it only gives you these single files for each calendar instead of a 
> directory with events beneath it.

Ah, I didn't know that. I only worked with GroupDAV/CalDAV so far and didn't
notice that WebDAV calendar clients only work with a single iCal file. It
makes sense then to keep two separate entry points, just like they are now
and only try to share as much code as possible.

> Because of this change, it would also be necessary to change the GET 
> and PUT function for kronolith, because those function should then 
> export en import the iCal data. That's the reason behind the idea of 
> using different function for this trough the registry...

As import() already deals with single as well as multiple events in one iCal
file, we should be able to use only one PUT implementation for both
scenarios. GET is already implemented in ics.php anyway.

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