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 Ticket             | 3421
 Created By         | thomas at gelf.net
 Summary            | Add click2dial support to phone number renderers
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thomas at gelf.net (2006-02-07 07:03) wrote:

Don't get this patch too serious - it's just an idea how things could work.

I have had to develop a VoIP web application based on Horde for a local
ISP. The whole system is very specific to fit our needs so please don't ask
me to immediatly publish the whole thing as OSS ;-)

Our infrastructure is a quite complex mixture of OpenSER, Asterisk, STUNd,
Mediaproxy and others - in my believes there is no one-size-fits-all VoIP
solution out there. Our setup will also never be a PBX (like ScopServ) but
intended to be a comfortable and rock-solid SIP-Proxy - using Asterisk for
nothing but Voicemail, Conferences etc.

Things are running really fine here - I'll try to post ideas / patches /
fragments useful for others too. This one is an example how phone support
could be added to Horde Renderers. I tried to keep it generic, but as
see it's still very specific and bound to our application.

My application opens a little popup window which:
- tries to establish a call to the currently logged in Horde user's phone
- shows an error message if this call fails
- is able to realize if I respond the call and then
- tells me that it's now going to establish a call between my phone and the
  extension that has been clicked

Things stops here - as the whole thing is transaction statfull but not call
statfull I'm at the moment unable to find out if the final recipient has
answered and the call has been set up. Sure, I'm able to find it out - but
it's not that important right now, maybe I'll add such support later.

Just take this as a little inspiration, maybe one day there will be a cool
and powerful free Horde VoIP application...

Yours sincerly,
Thomas Gelf

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