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Wed Mar 15 04:23:10 PST 2006


Ticket URL: http://bugs.horde.org/ticket/?id=3632
 Ticket             | 3632
 Created By         | zoli at polarhome.com
 Summary            | IMP auth uses too much CPU and MEM resources
 Queue              | IMP
 Version            | 4.1
 State              | Unconfirmed
 Priority           | 3. High
 Type               | Bug
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zoli at polarhome.com (2006-03-15 04:23) wrote:


recently I decided to upgrade my horde installation that worked perfect.
Now I run the following configuration:

Forwards: H3 (3.0-RC1) 
Gollem: H3 (1.0.2) (run Gollem tests) 
Horde: 3.1 
Imp: H3 (4.0.4) (run Imp tests) 
Ingo: H3 (1.1) (run Ingo tests) 
Kronolith: H3 (2.1) 
Mimp: H3 (1.0-RC1) (run Mimp tests) 
Mnemo: H3 (2.1) 
Nag: H3 (2.1) 
Turba: H3 (2.1) (run Turba tests) 

PHP Version: 4.3.10  (CGI interface)
I use IMP to log in into the Horde.  IMP uses IMAP against a remote host.

I find that when I upgrade to IMP to H3 (4.1) I can log in to a server if I
do not have mail in the inbox, but if I have mail in the inbox PHP process
tops to 100% cpu usage and RSS memory is raising without limit... and it can
not log in.

If I switch back to IMP H4 (4.0.4) everything works perfect.
Actually IMP 4.1 appears to be unusable.

I use horde for ages and I am aware that you test well released products -
but I am also aware that CGI interface might be forgotten from time to time.
I guess that this happened again. 

Any help or workaround would be appreciated...

Best regards, 
Zoltan Arpadffy

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