[Tickets #3873] RESOLVED: sent-mail folder ind prefs

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Fri Jul 21 07:00:47 PDT 2006


Ticket URL: http://bugs.horde.org/ticket/?id=3873
 Ticket             | 3873
 Updated By         | jonas.pasche at alpha-team.de
 Summary            | sent-mail folder ind prefs
 Queue              | IMP
 Version            | HEAD
 State              | Resolved
 Priority           | 3. High
 Type               | Bug
 Owners             | 

jonas.pasche at alpha-team.de (2006-07-21 07:00) wrote:

Unfortunately I cannot verify that this is fixed in IMP 4.1.2 or
HEAD-2006-07-20, which I installed under Horde 3.1.2. My IMAP server is
Binc-IMAP 1.2.7final.

I did an upgrade from Horde 3.0.9 with IMP 4.0.4. The prefs for
scope=horde, name=identies contains "sent-mail" as the value for
sent_mail_folder, for all users, just as it is defined in prefs.php. This
has been working fine with the previous Horde/IMP installation.

After the upgrade, sending a mail works, but only with the warning that
the sent mail could not be saved in the sent-mail folder. When selecting
"Use Default Value" for the sent_mail_folder in a user's identity prefs,
IMP tells that this folder could not be created, just as described in the
original bug report. Changing the default sent_mail_folder in prefs.php to
"INBOX/sent-mail" and then setting the sent mail folder to "Use Default
Value" works fine!

What else can I do to help fixing this problem? I see that editing
prefs.php is a functional workaround, however, telling a bunch of users
that they must edit their prefs to have a working sent-mail folder again
seems like a show-stopper to me.

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