[Tickets #6043] Re: php-error on login page caused by lib/Horde/Share.php (kolab)

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Mon Mar 3 12:17:34 UTC 2008


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 Ticket             | 6043
 Updated By         | Gunnar Wrobel <p at rdus.de>
 Summary            | php-error on login page caused by lib/Horde/Share.php (kolab)
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 State              | Feedback
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Gunnar Wrobel <p at rdus.de> (2008-03-03 07:17) wrote:

> however, i do not really have a clue what horde is looking for on the 
> imap server. is it possible to view IMAP data (e.g. a totally public 
> calendar) prior to user login???

You can certainly make parts of horde available to unauthenticated users.
I never tried it myself but I guess you could have a public calendar. So I
assume that you somehow configured things in a way that the apps try to
display something to a user that did not login yet.

I do actually believe that the log entries you posted are related to the
error since having the three apps (mnemo, nag, kronolith) call listShares()
before the user logged in probably corresponds with the three errors you
see on the screen.

Of course these errors shouldn't be there so it would be good if you can
determine the sequence of events that leads to the error. Try to dump a
traceback right before listShares is called in nag/lib/Nag.php for example.

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