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Wed Jun 17 20:23:30 UTC 2009


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  Ticket             | 8356
  Created By         | rmcauley at ca.afilias.info
  Summary            | Outlook 2007 WebDAV Not Publishing
  Queue              | Kronolith
  Version            | 2.3.1
  Type               | Bug
  State              | Unconfirmed
  Priority           | 1. Low
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  Patch              |
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rmcauley at ca.afilias.info (2009-06-17 16:23) wrote:

Outlook 2007 WebDAV doesn't work, as detailed in my mailing list post here:


The upshot is that Horde returns a 500 Internal Server Error with no  
useful debug and Outlook 2007 likewise displays a "Server error"  
dialogue box.

Continuing my debugging I've found a couple of interesting things of  
note.  I'd post tcpdumps of the data exchange, but I do not wish to  
expose my password since I had SSL disabled to get a clean dump.   
Here's what I found out:

In the PUT function of lib/Horde/webdav.php, Horde sees these as the  
values of the important variables when hit by Outlook:
path: kronolith/username/username_Calendar.ics
content_type: application/octet-stream
content: [null]

By contrast, Lightning and other working clients:
path: kronolith/username/username.ics
content_type: text/calendar
content: [iCal file]

The path that ends in x_Calendar.ics seems unaffected by URL rewrite  
rules in Apache.

I've got a couple of clues/hunches at this point to get it working.   
Keep in mind this is simply to get Outlook working by any means  
possible, it may not be desirable for Horde to adopt these measures:
1. If the user-agent is Outlook, preg_replace $path s/_Calendar.ics$/.ics/
2. Hard-code an entry into $list in webdav.php's _list function to  
return a username_Calendar.ics entry

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