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  Ticket             | 11814
  Updated By         | leena.heino at uta.fi
  Summary            | ActiveSync problem
  Queue              | Horde Framework Packages
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  Owners             | Michael Rubinsky

leena.heino at uta.fi (2012-12-07 15:53) wrote:

>>> Is there any way to force device to do full sync so that device
>>> clears its calendar and any caches it might use in the server and
>>> syncs all the calendar entries it can.
>> Yes. Either recreate the account on the device, or remove the device
>> from Horde using either the user's ActiveSync devices prefs or the
>> administrative ActiveSync device page.
> I removed the working iOS 6.0.1 device from Horde's ActiveSync panel  
> and forcing it to do full sync. Now that device also syncs only  
> those two entries. Just like the iOS device that broke earlier. Even  
> the sync log is the same only difference is device id.
> Also the N8 that seemed to work does not work anymore. The device  
> only shows errors about not being able to contact Exchange server. I  
> attached the sync log.

The N8 and iOS devices log in problems might be because of bug 11832.

The problems of syncing calendar entries still exists with iOS.  
Reprovisioning only seems to produce log with those same two entries.  
Even if calendar entries on the server have changed and new entries  
have been added.

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