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  Ticket             | 11814
  Updated By         | leena.heino at uta.fi
  Summary            | ActiveSync problem
  Queue              | Horde Framework Packages
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  Owners             | Michael Rubinsky

leena.heino at uta.fi (2012-12-07 16:12) wrote:

>>>> Is there any way to force device to do full sync so that device
>>>> clears its calendar and any caches it might use in the server and
>>>> syncs all the calendar entries it can.
>>> Yes. Either recreate the account on the device, or remove the device
>>> from Horde using either the user's ActiveSync devices prefs or the
>>> administrative ActiveSync device page.
>> I removed the working iOS 6.0.1 device from Horde's ActiveSync panel
>> and forcing it to do full sync. Now that device also syncs only those
>> two entries. Just like the iOS device that broke earlier. Even the
>> sync log is the same only difference is device id.
>> Also the N8 that seemed to work does not work anymore. The device
>> only shows errors about not being able to contact Exchange server. I
>> attached the sync log.
> The N8 and iOS devices log in problems might be because of bug 11832.
> The problems of syncing calendar entries still exists with iOS.  
> Reprovisioning only seems to produce log with those same two  
> entries. Even if calendar entries on the server have changed and new  
> entries have been added.

I tested the ActiveSync with Windows Phone 8 device. It works exactly  
the same way as iOS 6 devices:
email sync works, contacs sync works, calendar sync only sync those  
same two entries as if nothing else exists in kronolith.

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