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Thu May 23 06:54:27 UTC 2013


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  Ticket           | 12265
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  Zusammenfassung  | IMAP package throws errors
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torben at dannhauer.info (2013-05-23 06:54) hat geschrieben:

>> could it happen that the IMAP server invalidates the handle and thus
>> it is now null?
> No.  A PHP resource is a specific data type.  It can never be  
> changed by PHP itself to a different data type.
>> The error is located in Imap sockets protected function _readStream()
>> The reason for the flooded error logs is, that the do-while loop is
>> infinite if the stream is NULL, since the "break;" is only called
>> with a vaild stream.
>> So even it seems to be a rare occassion whrer the strem handle is
>> NULL, the code should handle such a sittuation correctly.
>>  have a code proposal ( see attached patch) which handles the NULL
>> handle correctly.
> This is not a correct fix.  This simply masks the issue.  It doesn't  
> fix anything.
> The correct fix is to figure out WHY _stream is null before entering  
> that method (i.e. the debug backtrace).  You can use Horde::debug()  
> to help you with this, e.g. in _readStream():
> if (is_null($this->_stream)) {
>     Horde::debug();
>     exit;
> }

Thanks for the debug lines, this seems to be a more efficient  
debugging than my debug code was.

However, I think we have a problem at two ends.
IMO, yes, we need to figure out the reason. But additionally I'm still  
convinced that a good function should filter out garbage input  to  
prevent crashes or loops as this one.

I'll need some days to dive into it, I'll call back once I know the  
reason forthe null resources.


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