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  Summary            | Can't download attachments over ActiveSync
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Michael Rubinsky <mrubinsk at horde.org> (2013-07-27 16:38) wrote:

>> The STREAM appears to work fine according to the AS device log (13939
>> is the PID to follow):
> What makes you say that? That is *exactly* where this is failing.  
> The '[stream]' text is output to the logfile immediately before the  
> stream processing begins. Something is crashing immediately after  
> '[stream]' is output to the log, but before the closing Wbxml tag is  
> output to the log. The *only* thing that occurs between these two  
> events is stream processing.

Sorry, I didn't notice that there was more response for that PID after  
the other concurrent PID was logged. It does look like the stream  
processing completes for this request.

However, the timestamp for the segfault you are posting is BEFORE the  
request for the attachment even hits the log, and is a different PID.  
The process that is crashing is not the process that you show as a  
successful request/response in the log.

So, according to the log, the stream is successfully sent out over the  
PHP output stream (at least for the request you have shown). If the  
device does not take it, either PHP dies while sending the output  
buffer or perhaps there is something funky being sent over the wire.  
Take a look at a wireshark/tcpdump to see what is actually being sent.  
Also, my previous comments about PHP extensions/pecl modules still  
holds true.

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