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  Summary            | Rate limit polling for new mail notifications
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arjen+horde at de-korte.org (2013-09-20 09:51) wrote:

In my IMAP account, I have a fair number of folders that need to be  
polled for new messages (about 25) as I use Sieve to sort messages  
upon arrival. This means checking for new messages is a relatively  
expensive operation.

When 'Display notification when new mail arrives?' in the Mail  
preferences is selected, it looks like this check is performed for  
each POST request. This means that if multiple POST requests are send  
more or less simultaneously, this check is run many times in parallel.  
For instance, if in a month view of Kronolith I move to the next  
month, 13 POST requests are fired off within a few milliseconds (in my  
agenda there are six calenders, five address books, one tasklist and  
one holidays). Each of these will run


All in all this takes approximately 10 seconds, during which time the  
check for new messages runs 13 times (pretty much in parallel). If I  
disable the new mail notifications, the same action takes less than 2  
seconds (I made sure these aren't cached results).

It would be nice if there was a preference that would allow to prevent  
polling for new messages if less than 'X' seconds have passed since  
the last poll was started. This would prevent running polls in  
parallel, fighting for attention from Dovecot and which in the end is  
just a waste of resources.

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