[Tickets #13351] Re: Activesync Error 500: FOLDERUPDATE Unmatched end tag FolderHierarchy:ParentId

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Fri Jul 11 19:14:10 UTC 2014


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  Summary            | Activesync Error 500: FOLDERUPDATE Unmatched end tag
                     | FolderHierarchy:ParentId
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software-horde at interfasys.ch (2014-07-11 19:14) wrote:

es, by sending a HTTP 500 response, which is what we do.
>> In this case, I even recreated the account on the device, but soon
>> after the initial sync, the problem was back. I have no idea what is
>> causing it.
> I told you what is causing it, your client is sending broken wbxml.
The same client is synchronising 6 other accounts, so not everything  
is broken. There must be one folder, message, note, event or task  
which is triggering the sync message to be broken.
The account, on the same device was fine on 5.1.

>> I see 3 simlar sync keys in the state table which contain the synckey
>> indicated in the logs, each with the sync_folderid set to foldersync.
>> Can I just remove them and get the device to resync folders?
> That's what removing the state from the UI does.
I did and the same error comes up even though the  
horde_activesync_state table doesn't contain the sync key any more.  
The account shows up as being provisioned.

Maybe this is related to the sync_key problem in #13338

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