[Tickets #14513] Re: Changes LDAP Addressbook sync to ActiveSync

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Sat Nov 12 12:55:34 UTC 2016


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  Summary            | Changes LDAP Addressbook sync to ActiveSync
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oliverafg at gmx.de (2016-11-12 12:55) wrote:

Hi Michael,

> This is expected behavior, not a bug.

agree, it is not a bug. It is a feature which is not implemented

> ActiveSync polls Horde's History system to detect non-email changes  
> (email changes are detected by querying the IMAP server directly).  
> Changing some data outside of Horde will of course not be caught by  
> Horde.


> If you want this to work, you would need to implement some decorator  
> around the LDAP driver that would synchronize Horde's History system  
> with the LDAP backend.  This is similar to how we deal with Kolab  
> storage as a backend and detecting changes made by other Kolab  
> clients - however, this approach is not feasible for a non-imap  
> backend and will not be added upstream.

Hmm, imo this is a very important feature. LDAP/AD is THE backend in  
many companies. A lot of other services use LDAP as backend, in our  
case e.g. phone switch, IM, authentication and native email clients.  
Horde cannot (and here should not) be the master source for those  

So at this point other systems are writing changes to the LDAP  
directory and of course they should be synchronized to AS-clients.

There is also a real bug, with the multi value field mail on LDAP and  
horde. This avoids to use horde as the single point for updating  
contact information.

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