[Tickets #14963] Re: Special Slovenian characters break filters

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Wed Nov 13 08:31:55 UTC 2019


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  Ticket             | 14963
  Updated By         | deni at guru.si
  Summary            | Special Slovenian characters break filters
  Queue              | Ingo
  Version            | FRAMEWORK_5_2
  Type               | Bug
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deni at guru.si (2019-11-13 08:31) wrote:

> Hi!
> We have a problem on our Horde install, with filters containing  
> Slovenian characters (????).
> Basically, if one uses special character in comparator, file name,  
> or filter name, Horde/Ingo does not save it as intended.
> When looking at ingo.script file of the user, this is what we get:
> - If the filter name is "?", ingo saves the name of the filter as "?"
> - If comparator is containing "?", ingo saves it to the file ok, but  
> web interface displays empty comparator
> - We have tried to enable utf8 in /etc/horde/ingo/backends.php, but  
> only change that happens is that "fileinto" (filename is "?-test"),  
> goes from "fileinto "INBOX/?-test";" to "fileinto "INBOX/&AQ0--test";"
> As filters with special characters are not displayed as they should  
> be inside the web filter editor, when you try to delete a filter, it  
> deletes one before that and breaks the whole filterlist, after you  
> try to delete all of them, user ends up with broken list containing  
> only one filter that can't be opened.
> If anyone can check this out, it would be highly appreciated.
> Best regards, Deni

Looks like this site also encodes special Slovenian characters to ?????...

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